State/National Scholarships

Updated 4/18/2018

Scholarship Amount Deadline
Alert Magazine $500 None
American Legion Scholarship/Financial Aid Varies Varies
Architectural Education Foundation(AEF) $3,000 5/21/18
Black Hills State University Scholarships Varies Vaires
Blackmore Memorial Scholarship $1,000 5/15/18
CellWave Scholarship $1,000 5/1/18
Coca-Cola Scholars Program $20,000 10/31/2018
College Covered Scholarship Giveaway; Powered by Discover Student Loans $10,000 Varies
Distinguished Young Women Varies N/A
Douvas Memorial Scholarship $500 TBA
Family Assets Scholarship $3,000 8/1/18
Glen Legler Memorial Scholarship $1,000 5/15/18
Gillette/Sheridan College Scholarships Varies Not Specified
Honors Grad U NO ESSAY $1,000 N/A
Horation Alger Association CTE Scholarship up to $2,500 6/15/18
Imagine America Foundation Varies N/A
Indy Displays Graphic Arts Scholarship $1,000 7/1/18
Jack Kent Cook Foundation (8th grade and up) $1,000/month None
James "Rhio" O'Connor Memorial Scholarship $1,000 Monthly
Life Coach Spotter Scholarship $1,000 8/1/18
Mahin and Saifulla Salemy High School Scientific Scholarship $1,000 5/31/18 Sleep Health Awareness Scholarship $1,000 9/25/2018
Military Scholarship Essay Contest $1,000 5/31/18
Mitchell Technical Insutute Varies N/A
Montana State University Varies Varies
National Coal Transportation Association $1,500 7/31/2018
National Health Service Corp Varies Not Specified
Glen Legler Memorial Scholarship $1,000 5/15/18
PEO Educational Loan Fund Up to $12,000 yr Not Specified
Savannah College of Art and Design Distinguished Scholars Award $20,000 Varies
SDBotox Scholarship $2,000 8/15/18
Simpalm Scholarship $1,000 8/1/18
Start Now Scholarship - Best Body Building Supplements $1,500 4/20/18
Student Insights Varies 4/22/18
The Accounting Path $1,000 11/30/18
The Tree Center Quarterly $500 Quarterly
University Tutor $1,000 Monthly
Varsity Tutors Scholarship $1,000/Month None
WACE up to $25,000 Varies
Wyo Rural Water Foundation $1,000 Not Specified
Zip Recruiter $3,000 6/30/2018