Student Collage

As we look back upon the years,
Marked with doubts and hopes and fears;
We think that we may truly say,
We've done the best we could each day.

Many mistkes we've made, no doubt,
As others do-in school and out;
We've had our work, our play, our fun,
But now our High School days are done.

We Seniors are a "peppy" class
Such that few others can surpass;
C.C.H.S has done her part,
In giving us an upward start.

By Irma Bundy
Opponent Opponent Score CCHS Score
Lead 32 2
Buffalo 20 12
Sundance 18 0
Sheridan 33 0
Sundance 25 7
Edgemont 0 13
Buffalo 32 0
Midwest 0 6

1928 CCHS Football Team

1st Picture: First Place Novice Typing, State Typing Contest
2nd Picture: Second Place Amateur Typing, State Typing Contest


Now that the year 1930 is passing away
even as the Old West has already passed,
we pause to record these happy events of our school days.
As the farmer takes the cowboys' place, so too,
will our places be filled by others in the future

May the 1930 Camel remind you
of the many happy school days
as you pass down the avenue of life.


Forensic League

Vocational Agriculture Shops

Popularity Contest

Excitement and keen rivalry ran high in the school when the popularity contest was inaugurated by the Camel staff. Two candidates, a boy and a girl, were chosen from each class as the most popular members.

Home Economics
Opponent Opponent Score CCHS Score
Upton 5 15
Rozet 7 29
Moorcroft 14 12
Sundance 3 9
Sheridan 29 5
Buffalo 14 10
Newcastle 13 17
Sundance 16 4
Upton 6 10
Sheridan 35 9
Buffalo 17 9
Newcastle 15 13

1930's CCHS Boy's Basketball Team

1930's CCHS Girl's Basketball Team
Opponent Opponent Score CCHS Score
Rozet 8 22
Rozet 4 36


In this, the centennial year of the California gold rush, we, the "Camel" staff, have tried to recapture a part of the courage and fortitude of the original "49ers". As they trekked across the vast wilderness which is the west, we have arranged this little "trek" through our high school days, with the hope that it will preserve some of our brightest and happiest memories of the Campbell County High School.

CCHS Staff

1940's CCHS Boy's Basketball
Opponent Opponent Score CCHS Score
Rozet 16 19
Hulett 12 22
Newcastle 29 22
Rozet 11 35
Lead 37 22
Powell 45 22
Newcastle 24 26
Buffalo 15 18
Moorcroft 25 47
Sundance 26 32
Midwest 36 30
Lead 29 28
Midwest 29 23
Sheridan 34 40
Moorcroft 26 43
Casper 44 19
Newcastle 22 20
Buffalo 25 27
Sheridan 34 53
Casper 57 34
Rozet 11 40

1943's Miss CCHS

1940's CCHS Football Team

1940's CCHS Future Farmers of America

1940's CCHS Speech & Debate

1940's CCHS News Team


We, the class of 1955, publishers of this edition of the Camel, wish to dedicate our annual to the under-graduates of Campbell County High School. We hope they will carry on the traditions of our school with their most sincere efforts. May they not only carry on these traditions, but add to them, and thus build a stronger educational program for future generations.

1950's Distributive Education

1950's Driver Training


Dear Friends,
The members of the Campbell County High School Annual staff have put in many long hard hours to bring the 1968 Camel to you. We would like to dedicate out efforts and achievements to the memory of Billy McColley, our friend and classmate.

Della Gay Edwards, Barbera Keck - Co-Editors

1960's CCHS Cheerleading Squad

1960's CCHS Football Team

1960's CCHS Marching Band

1960's CCHS Volleyball Team


Love is out law, Truth is our worship. Form is our manifestation. Conscience is our guide. Peace is our shelter. Nature is our companion. Order is our attitude. Beauty and perfection is our life.

Class Motto

In honor and respect, the '73 Camel Annual is dedicated to the P.O.W.'s and M.I.A.'s who gave so much for our country.

Foreword to the '73 Camel Yearbook

GridIron Games




School Bus

School Play - Lucy Helps Charlie Brown


In 1982, there was thought to be an all time high for enrollment numbers. The number of students attending Campbell County High School totaled 1,200. The 1982 Camel was titled "Entertainment" and featured skating rinks and Pac-Man at Mini-Marts.

The love and times we've shared cannot be measured in minutes or hours but in memories and laughter.

Class Motto






Track & Field


State Champions, nationally ranked, and Olympic hopefuls, talk about saving the best for last years of the millennium! The school, academics, and sports, all of these things were the best they'd been in years. We had a new administration at our school and got a new building. CCHS was ranked high by the North Central and state accreditation teams because of the professionalism of the teachers and the school's efforts to make the students more successful with things like reading time, planners and writing in all classes. We are state champions in many sports, including football after 34 years. Our cross-country teams were nationally ranks and a few of our girl swimmers were Olympic hopefuls. The best had been saved for last, we were it!


International Club

Computer Class